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Erreur au démarrage : "BRSVC01A"

samedi 19 août 2006, par bluegyn_spip

Solution trouvée : contactez Brother Industries, Ltd. pour obtenir la mise à jour

Description du problème

Nous vous remercions d’avoir envoyé un rapport d’erreurs. Cause probable de l’erreur :

Printer Driver (BRSVC01A.EXE)


Printer Driver (BRSVC01A.EXE) a été créé par Brother Industries, Ltd.. Brother Industries, Ltd. a informé Microsoft qu’une solution est disponible pour le problème que vous avez signalé. Pour en savoir plus sur la solution, Brother Industries, Ltd. vous conseille de visiter le site Web suivant :

OK Brother Industries, Ltd.

Plus d’informations

* Microsoft n’a pas créé et ne fournit pas de support technique pour Printer Driver (BRSVC01A.EXE).

* Si vous rencontrez des difficultés lors de l’installation du correctif ou si le problème que vous avez signalé persiste, contactez Brother Industries, Ltd. et signalez-leur le problème.

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FAQs & Troubleshooting

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* Date : 22/08/2003

* ID : faq000021_000

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I’m using Windows® XP SP2 or Windows Server 2003. An error message referring to BRSVC01A.EXE appears after installing the printer driver and I cannot print. What should I do ?


If you see on of the following error messages, please refer to the instructions below to learn how to resolve the problem :

*For Windows® XP SP2 users :

Failed application BRSVC01A.EXE, version x.x.x.x, failed module unknown, version x.x.x.x, fault address 0 x0012e824. ("x" indicates the version number)

*For Windows Server 2003 users :

Brsvc01a encountered a problem and needed to close

To resolve this issue, please update the program of the installed driver following the instructions below :

1. Right click on a blank area on your Desktop, click NEW and then click FOLDER. A folder titled "New Folder" will appear on your Desktop.

2. Right click the folder, click RENAME from the drop down options and type BROTHER.

3. Click here to start downloading the patch file

4. The Brother End-User License Agreement will appear. If you agree to the terms, click I ACCEPT.

5. "File Download" will appear. Click SAVE. "Save as" will appear.

6. From the "SAVE IN" drop down menu, click DESKTOP. Double click the "Brother" folder and then click SAVE. This will begin the download of the patch file.

7. Once the download is complete, either the download window will disappear or you will see "Download complete" message. If "Download complete" appears, click Close.

If the License Agreement window is still open, click the red boxed "X" on the upper right corner to close the window.

8. Go to your Desktop, double click the "Brother" folder and locate the executable file named "brsp2p1" (.exe may appear at the end of the file name).

9. Double click "brsp2p1(.exe)" to extract the file. "Zip Self-Decompression" will appear.

10. Leave the file name in the window as is and click DECOMPRESS (X). "The decompression process was successful" will appear.

11. Click OK. Inside the "Brother" folder, locate the file named "setup(.exe)".

12. Close all applications on your computer.

13. Double click the "Setup(.exe)" file. "You must restart your computer. Do you restart your computer now ?" will appear. Click OK.

14. The program has been changed and you can print now.

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